Reacting to Real Estate Commercials from Zillow, REALTOR®.com and more

Dated: February 10 2017

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Finding the Best Real Estate Commercials

I had a fun idea recently after watching a bunch of "reaction videos" on YouTube like the FineBros REACT channel (Adults React, Kids React, etc.) to make my own reaction style video for my real estate business. It would be interesting to see people watch some of the best real estate commercials and see their reactions to them. 

So, I scoured YouTube for a few hours, read a bunch of blog articles and narrowed down the 5 or 6 best YouTube commercials to air in recent years. I knew I would need to include ads from Zillow and but I was hoping to also include a few others that were more "home" related.

The Reactors

Next came the task of finding the people who would sit down with me and "react" to these commercials. 

I thought it would be fun to see my boys Hayden and Luke react to the ads to get a thoughts from an age-group who the ads weren't even intended for. And to get them to sit still, I would need my wife, Molly, to sit down with them. Perfect. She's hot, if I do say so myself, and she's sweet, so she'll come off great on camera. Check... Molly and the boys. Who else?

One of my trusted lenders, Noah Brader, was another obvious choice for me. Not only is he personable and fun, but he'd have a real estate-related spin and thought process on the commercials because he's a mortgage lender and deals with families and people buying homes. Check. Noah Brader.

Third, one of the most charismatic and fun personalities I know was my pastor, Adam Bradshaw. If you know Adam, you know he's funny and talks a lot. That's perfect for reaction videos. It's kinda hard to do a reaction video with people who won't say much. Plus, he's funny. Check. Adam Bradshaw. Another great reactor.

The Commercials's Phil Dunphy "Cat-Like-Reflexes" Commercial - teamed up with "Modern Family" star Ty Burell who plays Realtor, Phil Dunphy, on the show. In this ad (along with a whole other set of similar ads), Burell summons his best Phil Dunphy-isms and shares his "Phil's-osophis" with the viewers. Short but very funny.

IKEA's "Home" Commercial - Not a real estate commercial per se, but IKEA released a commercial that tried to encapsulate the feeling and idea of "home." And it seemed to work.'s "Dream Bathroom" Commercial with Elizabeth Banks - hits us again with another funny ad, this time featuring actress Elizabeth Banks. Banks shows up comically in a "dream bathroom" with a half-clothed guy who's playing paddleball and magically shaving. Enough said. Funny.

Zillow's Long Distance Returning Soldier Commercial - Who doesn't love those surprise reunions where a military soldier surprises his wife and kids? Well, Zillow created their version of this by coupling it with a long-distance home search. I'm not crying... you're crying.

What was your Favorite? And Why?

Tell me. I want to know. Hit me up in the comments below.

And if you're thinking of finding your "dream bathroom," I can help... though I can't promise Elizabeth Banks will be there. And if you're looking for the true feeling of "home," I can help there too... though no promises that it'll be exactly like it is on-screen.

Maybe it'll be even better!

You can always find me by calling or texting 614-670-9065 or emailing me at

Talk to you soon!

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Reacting to Real Estate Commercials from Zillow, and more

Finding the Best Real Estate CommercialsI had a fun idea recently after watching a bunch of "reaction videos" on YouTube like the FineBros REACT channel (Adults React, Kids React, etc.) to make my

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