Buying A House On Facetime

Dated: August 14 2020

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The Market Is So Hot Right Now

The real estate market in Columbus has been so hot lately that houses are selling faster than ever. In fact, many times they're selling before prospective home buyers even have a chance to see the home. 

If houses are listed to the market one day, it's pretty likely that on that same day there may be dozens of showings scheduled. And there are likely multiple offers that same day as well.

What if you're a buyer in this market and you just happen to be working that day? Or you have something planned for that day/evening that prevents you from seeing the home? If there's no way you're able to get into that house within the first day or two, you're almost certainly out of luck and missing out on that house.

Find A Solution Using Technology

As is the case with so many things in life... if something isn't working as smoothly as it could be, utilizing technology may be able to help solve the problem. 

So, in real estate, if houses are selling so fast that home buyers can't even get into the home before it's already Under Contract, how can technology help?

LIVE Video Like Facetime Or Streaming With Facebook / Instagram LIVE

I've started telling my clients, "Hey, if a house hits the market, and you'd like to see it, but you're schedules can't allow for it, let me know. I'll head over to the house and Facetime you so you can essentially see the house without physically being there." And guess what... it works!

It's not exactly the same as being there in person, but it does the trick usually. 

If I'm on a Facetime video call with a client as I'm walking through a home, I can show them every little detail the best I can. And if they have specfic questions like, "What does the carpet feel like? Is it plush?" Or, "How big does that room feel? It looks a littel small on the video." I can respond right there in real time to their questions, and it really does create a pretty good replacement for seeing the home in person.

Future Of Real Estate Showings?

The main question that likely arises now is, "Dan, is this the future of real estate showings? Will in-person showings become a thing of the past?"

The short answer: NO.

... But I could definitely see this becoming a more regular thing. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Listing Agents held VIRTUAL Open Houses and Showings for potential buyers and showing agents at the onset of a listing going ACTIVE in the market. 

As a tech-savvy and outside-the-box thinking REALTOR myself, I may start trying this at some point.

EDIT: Well, 2020 came right along and showed us that this is a very real solution. Virtual Open Houses and Showings became a very popular marketing option during COVID, allowing people to see houses without having to enter a stranger's home and track/contract potential germs. 

Could This Work For You? Leave A Comment Below...

I would love to know... could you make an offer on a house without seeing it in person? I completely understand both sides, but I'm curious what you think.

And if you're in the market to potentially start looking at homes, even if you have a busy schedule and don't think you could see a lot of houses in person, let's chat! There are solutions for you. Contact me.

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Buying A House On Facetime

The Market Is So Hot Right NowThe real estate market in Columbus has been so hot lately that houses are selling faster than ever. In fact, many times they're selling before prospective home buyers

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